Guide to supply chain management software pricing for businesses

The fluentStock inventory and order management tool is a comprehensive solution for optimizing inventory management:

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Discover affordable stock control and order management solutions tailored to the needs of small and large businesses.

minimize stock-outs

release working capital frozen in surplus goods

save human resources time

Find the perfect plan for you:


0 EUR/month

✓ 1 warehouse

✓ up to 100 SKU

✓ 1 user licence


99* EUR/month

*The first two months are free

✓ 1 warehouse

✓ up to 1000 SKU

✓ 1 user licence


199* EUR/month

*The first two months are free

✓ up to 2 warehouses

✓ up to 3000 SKU

✓ 1 user licence




✓ from 3000 SKU

user licences

SKU - stock keeping unit

With any chosen plan you can purchase additional modules and functions.

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